What is Covid19? Every latest update related to how it affects the body

What is Covid19? Every latest update related to how it affects the body.

China regarded the corona virus as a joke. He created an outcry in the world.

China’s dictatorial attitude has put the world in crisis.

China is perhaps the one country in the world that is putting its citizens as well as the world in danger

This attitude of China has strongly condemned the big countries of America, England and France.

What is coronavirus

Coronavirus is a group of viruses. Which combine to form a group of millions of viruses.

A large group made up of millions of viruses is called the corona virus. Of animals, mammals and birds

Spreads by coming in contact, which affect the human body by entering it through the respiratory tract. world

It is recommended by the health organization that you avoid the mammalian animal birds from contact.

Where did coronavirus originate?

On 8 December 2019 in Wuhan, China, a person was confirmed to have corona virus. And your information

A doctor shared the teacher group. Locals deemed the doctor’s joke a joke, and the Karuna virus was a rumor.

The leaders of the ruling Communist Party of China took a major action by taking the doctor to the dock. China

The government, with the help of the police, detained eight doctors and was tortured.

The doctor was accused of spreading rumors around the world to intimidate the corona virus.

Tried. Because of which today the whole world can be vulnerable to this corona virus. Prime minister of china

This dictatorial attitude of Si Jinping strongly condemned him by big countries around the world.

On 1 December 2019, the World Health Organization confirmed the corona virus to be in China. Even then china

WHO paid no heed to it. The Chinese government does not take any precautions regarding the corona virus.

On 23 January 2020 when a person in China was confirmed to have the Korena virus. Until the Chinese government sleeps

The Chinese government issued a high alert in Wuhan city, seeing the increasing impact of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

There was a ban on people coming from outside. Since then, there have been 256 deaths due to the Corona virus effect in China.

The dangerous virus which has not caught other countries around the world.

How the coronavirus spreads

Coron virus breath whenever a person comes in contact with corona virus affected mammalian bird animals

Enters the human body through a tube. And forms a large group in that person’s body.

Due to which the person affected by Corona virus gradually reduces his body’s resistance.

Symptoms of coronavirus

A person affected by Poorna virus can be identified with high fever or having dehydration in the body.

Coronavirus prevention measures

No vaccine has yet been prepared for the person affected by the coronavirus. But the virus can still be avoided by taking some measures.

Coronavirus affects the body through the windpipe, so use masks to avoid contact with pig dog and mammals and birds. Avoid meat eating of animals, birds and other mammals affected by the corona virus. Dehydration or In case of fever, get treatment immediately with the advice of a doctor to avoid outbreak of Corona virus. Cows, pigs, dogs, mammals Birds if you are rearing. If you are ill, treat them immediately and take care of cleanliness.

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