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Overlooking LinkedIn from a business point of view might be the biggest mistake you are doing. And believe us, you’ll regret this at some point in time. You won’t believe it, but, it can potentially send loads of high-quality customers and traffic. So, let’s just make your LinkedIn profile more professional and start driving business out of it.

Why use LinkedIn marketing Services?

So before you start getting into this roller coaster ride, let us brief you about business facts of LinkedIn.

  • 51% of the Companies acquired a B2C Customer from Linkedin
  • 93% of the marketers consider Linkedin the most effective site for lead generation
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all visits from social media channels for corporate websites
  • For any marketer who’s thriving for more leads and conversions, these stats are enough to rotate their eyeballs. Let IS Global Web help you get into this giant marketplace, LinkedIn and find potential customers who’ve quite a decent interest in your services…

Our Linkedin Marketing Services Include:

  • Setting up a LinkedIn business page or refurbishing the existing one if it’s not technically correct
  • Designing a custom cover image that could hook your prospect buyers or customers
  • Fetching links from LinkedIn to your own website as well as other social media outlets

Briefing you about all the major Ins and outs of LinkedIn

Custom LinkedIn marketing services ranging from content creation to social monitoring, posting to reputation management and more.
We have the whole idea of how in and out process of LinkedIn flows and what it takes to make a certain business thrive on this social media platform.

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