What are the 10 search engines?

In addition to the Google search engine worldwide, what are the 10 search engines?

According to a survey by the Search Engine Research Organization. The worldwide Google search engine has dominated 80% of the market. The popularity of Google is constantly increasing due to its great features.

List of top 10 most popular search engines in the world (update 2020)


Google search engine company is running first of all gentlemen with the best performance. Which occupy 80% of the market worldwide.
Google is such a reliable and popular search engine in the world. Which on the strength of his hard work. Has established a strong entry barrier across the world.

Search engine Google search engine has captured the world through mobile laptop tablets to make its engine popular. The Google search engine has a worldwide hold on the good personality market worldwide.

Google has given special attention to group quality to make its search engine popular and reliable. Google is at the forefront of delivering accurate and better results to the user due to its quality. Google is using the search engine algorithm to get others to believe in it more. Larry Page, founder of Google search engine, and co-founder Sergey Brin, the best strategy is the biggest reason for their success today. The search engine aims to send more traffic to their website by using Google search console to increase their users’ business.

If any new user is starting their business or any money using Google search engine, cable should use Google search engine to get accurate and better results in their business.


Bing search engine comes in second place after Google search engine. Bing is a product of Microsoft Company. Which is constantly working to compete with the Google search engine due to its hard work. But due to his difficult sister tax efforts, by Google Google is not able to reach even 10%. One of the biggest reasons is that Google has won 100 percent trust of its consumers. But the bin continues to fail to do so. But it can be said with the claim that if Bing search engine wants to get better results in its business then it has to work on a high level strategy technique and special business model. And users’ trust has to win 100%. But given the current situation, it seems clear that Bing is not able to win even 30% confidence of its users. If BIN is successful in winning the trust of its users by working on its top business model, then they can beat the Google search engine in business.

Talking about the market share of Bing search engine, there is only 6 percent less share of Bing only. If we talk about the Alexa rank of the day, only 30 percent of the 100 people around the world are watching it.


If we talk about this search engine, then in the case of search engines, it is third in the world. Due to its email, it has become popular worldwide but it is still very backward in terms of search engine.
According to a report, from October 2011 to October 2015, Bing search engine services are being operated by it. But in October 2015, Yahoo search engine and Google search engine were typed up. After that redirection started happening in Yahoo Google search engine. Due to which Yahoo agreed to Google to provide search related services. Due to which the day services started operating along with the Google search engine.

Yahoo’s search engine also became popular with 77 web browsers being popular for e-mail. Talking about the search of Yahoo search engine, it is at the fourth position and Yahoo’s web portal should be used by 11 percent people around the world.


Is the most popular search engine in China. And due to Baidu strategy, its popularity is increasing continuously and users of China are using Baidu search engine continuously. Baidu has continued to dominate the Chinese market. The Baidu search engine was founded in 2000, which is becoming increasingly popular in China. But Baidu is operating only in the Chinese language. If we talk about Alex, it is ranked fourth worldwide.


The search engine is the most popular search engine in Russia. Who is working on a technical authority. According to Alexa, the Yandex.ru search engine is the fourth color at the local level on the net. Which are the most popular of the 30 engines in Russia

According to Wikipedia results, Yandex is said to be gaining popularity as the largest search engine in Russia with around 65% market share.


According to the Traffic Statistics report, Duck Duck Go is doing an average of 47.10 million searches per day. So far the market share of this search engine is less than 0.5%.

On the positive side, DuckDuck Go has a clean interface, it does not track users and is not completely filled with advertisements.


Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, Ask.com receives approximately 0.42% of the search share. ASK is based on a question / answer format where most of the questions are answered by other users or are in the form of a poll.

It also has general search functionality, but the result lacks quality compared to Google or Bing and Yahoo.


AOL.com is the most powerful search engine of its time, if we talk about its market share, then it has only half a percent market share.

Talking about AOL Network Network, it is being successfully operated by engadget.com, techchrunch.com, and huffingtonpost.com in all other web portals. On June 23, 2015, AOL was acquired by Verol Communications.

Wolfram Alpha

Talking about Wolframalfa search engine, this search engine is one such unique engine in the world. Does not match other search engines at all. Which is based on the learning knowledge system. The one who works as marketing computational knowledge engine collects Arya based data and makes it very useful.

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